Washington Post Fake News – Publishes Pure Fiction On Front Page Today


It’s been a while since my last post.  Unlike the left I have a life.  After President Obama’s election I seriously feared how he would negatively transform the country given his radical background.  The intelligence of our voting populace incredibly disappointed me, but I simply got up the next day and went to work like I did the day before.  No rioting, no crying an no oath to oppose at every turn.  Obama did more damage to this country than any president in my lifetime, but we survived.  That is what Americans do.  We elect a president, live our lives, and elect a new one every 4 or 8 years. It’s been happening for over 200 years pretty successfully.  The hysteria is unbelievable, and the fake news generates faster than I can sit down and write. This morning we have this WaPo article on their front page about a GOP rift over President Trump’s immigration directives.  Every bit of the article is pure fiction and the Washington Post fake news continues.

I didn’t expect the pace of fake news and all the lying by the left to be so frantic this fast.  Thankfully this Washington Post fake news story is too easy to pick apart and respond to quickly.  The amount of fake news they create correlates directly to the amount of work accomplished and promises fulfilled by President Trump in his fist 2 weeks!  I watched almost every Trump campaign rally the last 3 months leading up to the election thanks to RSBN streaming them on Youtube.  This I know exactly what Trump was saying in his speeches as his campaign promises versus what he was saying as part of the “competition” of winning the election.  I say this because it is very important to the analysis of this article and any of the fake news about his actions going forward.  Trump was very consistent in his campaign message if you followed them. On a side note, this is how I finally got the evidence to prove suspected radio host Michael Medved is a fraud and a liar but I digress.  People voted for Trump because of what he said he was going to do.  The press was there too.  They heard the exact same thing I did. It is no surprise to them.  The only thing surprising about President Trump so far is how fast he has filled his promises.  At this point sleep is the only limiting factor.


Set the False Narrative

The article immediately misleads the reader with  a statement of fact describing the Trump administration in chaos. You would think they have a front row seat at the White House. Supported immediately by associating a factual event to give it legitimacy.  That event is described as remarkable when in fact it is not.  Legal experts (not blowhard ignorant media pundits)  have now all weighed in said that the President acted properly and had no other choice but to fire acting AG Sally Yates for her conduct.


Ashley Parker, Phillip Rucker and Robert Costa, authors of the article, quickly jump to using their “anonymous” sources except they don’t bother to take the effort to officially call them anonymous or sources.  Instead we get `Defense Secretary James Mattis and Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly fumed privately to associates… according to three people who have spoken with them.’ In the next paragraph we have journalism at its best. Pure speculation!  Unsubstantiated claims is the new black.  `As it became evident that the rollout of the executive order bordered between clumsy and dysfunctional, people in Trump’s orbit divided over who was at fault, with some blaming Miller.’  Evident to who? The left, the lying MSM and the sore never Trump losers?  By what measure? What people? Where is your source?  109 people out of 325,000 were detained.  Yeah, that sounds clumsy and dysfunctional.  `Others said it was Priebus who should have taken charge of better coordinating with the departments and communicating with lawmakers and the public.‘  It’s the mysterious “others” this time.  We historically now that Trump does not tolerate rumor mongering and scuttlebutt within his camp.  Such claims by the lying media continue to prove false over and over again.


An Oldy but Goody, Taking Quotes Out of Context

Next we have some really good fiction writing.  We know it is fiction at this point because it has nothing to do with the subject at hand.  First, is a quote from Newt Gingrich that has no point.  We don’t know what the WaPo journals asked him to elicit the quote, or the full quote to garner the context.  Great journalistic integrity!  This is followed by some review of Joe Scarborough’s performance on Morning Joe. This would seem more appropriate in an article for Entertainment Weekly.  I think one of the authors forgot to take their Ritalin.  The article switches to DACA and Newt being Newt.

Stop the presses!  They found `one White House official, who was granted anonymity to speak candidly‘ according to the article.  Who granted them the anonymity? President Trump, the White House?  Priebus? The authors of the article?  That statement makes absolutely no sense. The quote they used from this supposed source was to speak negatively of Priebus.  I’ll take the odds no one on the President’s staff granted permission to speak to the lying media..  That leaves us to decide whether the known lying media is lying to us yet again.


Butter ToastAfter more gibberish this sentence is buried. I find this very telling about the integrity of these authors. `Privately, the president seethed, venting about what he saw as unfair news coverage on a second straight weekend of mass protests, and quizzing confidants about their impressions of how his senior staffers were performing.’ Those are very descriptive words that would require first hand knowledge of the President’s behavior, emotions directives.  There is nothing in the article to support this statement.  This does not come from “others”, “people”, “anonymous” or any source.  Pure Washington Post fake news.


Washington Post Fake News – Spot It and Destroy It

The article essentially concludes with more irrelevant gibberish from President Trump’s good friend John Kasich in order to support their statement, `Nonetheless, some of Trump’s friends as well as his critics fear that his agenda may be compromised by mismanagement.’  If you need a textbook example of fiction disguised as news, just go visit today’s Washington Post fake news article.  They make this too easy and the funny thing is that they believe they are actually being honest and doing their job.