Russia Hacking Us One of the Greatest Hoaxes Ever (part 1)


Russia hacking us to elect Donald Trump truly is one of the greatest hoaxes ever.  They have not hacked the DNC.  They did not hack Podesta’s emails, and they did not hack the RNC.  The FBI has admitted and documented that there is absolutely no evidence that Clinton’s rouge server was hacked (key fact later in our lying mofos logic filter). Russia hacking us Like the whopper of a fish your friend caught when there wasn’t a witness, it keeps getting bigger and bigger every time the story is told.  I’ll give them credit on sticking with this narrative for a decent amount of time. The CIA, who seems to be the source (sic) of all this intel was supposed to brief congress today.  They conveniently didn’t have time and canceled their appearance under all the skepticism.  Me thinks the half life has started on this one.


Russia Hacking Us, The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming!

I am not going to be shocked in the least at any of the crazy stuff the left comes up with to make the Trump presidency illegitimate.  How far this one morphed gives delusional a new meaning however.  It goes against everything the left has stood for, and against the “Russian Reset” led by Clinton herself as Sec of State.  The pendulum of peace has completely swung to the other side with the  accusation of direct involvement of Putin himself in the 2016 Presidential Election.  It was apparent before the election results that the leftists had no qualms broadcasting  WW3 inducing rhetoric.  Thank goodness they did not get “re-elected” or alert status set to Defcon 4 already.

This whole notion of the Russians being in cahoots with Trump was injected after Trump made a sarcastic comment about them handing over Clinton’s missing emails if and when they found them.  The left immediately caught the vapors from those remarks. They interpreted that clip as Trump asking Russia to hack Clinton’s server.  I thought for sure they were simply trying to seize upon a political opportunity with low-information voters who would only listen to the MSM and their drive by sound bites.  Now it is clear that many if not most of the left, even back then, really believed Trump was being serious about Russia’s involvement.  From that initial moment the logic in the thought of such a premise was completely false.


How to Hack a Mythical  Server of Classified Data?

Let’s establish some basic facts to kick this analysis off.  Clinton did install a rogue server that went live for government business on March 18, 2009.  We now know that it did in fact have classified information pass through it.  That proof has been presented ad nauseam.  On March 10, 2015 Clinton answers reporters’ questions that she turned over all her work emails, but would not turn over the actual personal email server itself. In addition, she states she deleted 31k personal emails about yoga and CVC’s (Chelsea Victoria Clinton) wedding plans.  These would become the infamous “missing emails” that Trump refers to when making the sarcastic comment about Russia finding them.

First, how do you hack a server that at worst is no longer connected to the internet or at best physically no longer exists. The ability to retrieve the missing emails from hacking this mythical server post Trump’s request is simply preposterous.   As the liberal Politico reported, God himself couldn’t recover the emails after Paul Combetta of Platte River Networks scrubbed the server with BleachBit.  Furthermore it was revealed that as far back as July 24, 2014 Paul inquired on Reddit how to strip out header information so that Clinton emails couldn’t even be identified.

All of this is a moot point if Russia did hack or would have hacked at Trump’s request.  Clinton on many occasions made unequivocal statements that our national security was not at risk.

If Russia wanted to find the missing emails they would have had a better chance by locating the missing thumb drive or this laptop.  Even then as soon as they found an email of her in the downward dog position they probably were too horrified to look any further.   In her own words, “at this point, what difference does it make?”  It still matters to POTUS apparently. He has a legacy to protect and he trotted his minion out this week to protect it just in case you forgot.  Surely Josh didn’t go rogue here?


All of this just goes to show that the White House is going to stick with their lying all the way down to the waning days.  Josh knows not a word he said in this video is true, but he knew the MSM would replay it over and over again for the next 48 hours. Long enough to keep fueling the leftist into this delusion.


I started this article earlier this week.  I didn’t know how prophetic the last paragraph would be. POTUS just held his final press conference. Right out of the gate he was asked about the Russian hacking.  Forget the Nobel peace prize. He deserves an Academy Award for that performance.  I watched it live, but after going back over the transcript I’m going to have to make this article a two parter!


GOP reputation saved by Trump victory

Russia hacking us actually saved a lot of embarrassment for the GOP.  Russia hacked both parties, because of close ties to Trump, only dumped DNC emails . There would be no logical reason for them to reveal the scandals riddled in the GOP and risk defeat.  Just imagine the titillating email conversations between JEB! and Reince. Imagine the hours spent in the database reviewing the collusion between the GOP establishment and Ted Cruz.  Hacking the RNC was necessary to see what oppo the GOP had on Trump so they could help to control it.  After the Access Hollywood tape bombshell there supposedly was one more devastating hit piece. “Grab em by the p***y” was an inside job by the GOP.  The hit never came.  You can thank Putin and his hacking team for that. They got out ahead on that one and prevented it.

Wait… what? Russia didn’t gain access to the RNC? Tell me it isn’t so Reince…

NY Times, Chuck Todd and the CIA all are a bunch of lying mofos.


Russia’s timing on the DNC hack sucked really really bad

Russia’s best ally in world domination was none other than Bernie Sanders, not Trump.  What in Mr. Progressive’s platform and ideology would have put the US in a position of strength or diplomacy to stop Putin?  After Lindsay Graham (R) SC, accused Sanders of honeymooning in Russia Bernie responded to MSNBC’s Thomas Robert’s with, “The fact is that I went to establish a sister city program with Yaroslavl, then in the Soviet Union, now an important city in Russia, which is still in existence today.” Oh you romantic Bernie!

The outcome of the primary was not going to change by releasing the DNC hack information three days before the convention.   That had been determined back on June 6, 2016.  Perhaps Wikileaks did have all of the information but were still going through their verification process.  That just makes it even more improbable that it came from the Russians.   We don’t know exactly when the hack occurred, but if Russia wanted the most favorable outcome they didn’t go about it in the most efficient manner.  The chance to possibly flip super delegates had long passed.

What other motivation would the Russians have for doing this?  To demonstrate the inept DNC IT security? Display what hypocrites the Dems are? Embarrass Secretary Clinton?  Make a mockery of the “Russian Reset”?  Those are all perfectly good reasons in my book.  The most likely answer is a pissed off Bernie supporter with access or this:

Russia hacked Podesta’s brain, made him click phishing link

I’m not even sure where to begin with the Podesta hack because it wasn’t even a hack.  It was a phishing scam.  You can see it for yourself here.  You can’t blame the Russians for your own stupidity.  This treasure trove once again was systematically released by Wikileaks at the very last stages of the election.  The Russian timing is impeccable.

Regardless, Russia is just that good.  They can do all kinds of things you can’t really see. Trump Tower had a secret server communicating with a Russian bank.  Time tried to make it clear as mud that Trump does business with Russian business men all the time.  Trump even admits so in the article. Russia had every motivation to protect their interests and sabotage the Clinton campaign at every turn. They just strategically waited until the last minute to do it.

Actually I’m not even sure why they even released the emails.  If I was a Russian intelligence analyst and I read Podesta’s spirit cooking and the now infamous pizza gate emails I would have recommended to Putin to let the Clinton suicide campaign continue.  On a more serious side, the Neera Tanden emails were enough to signal willful blindness by the inner circle of reality.  I can only imagine a room full of Russkies taking shots of Vodka and falling out of their chairs from laughter reading through the Podesta emails.

Did the Russians get their hands on these emails before they were released? Probably. Did they hack to get it? Nope. Podesta’s email credentials most likely transmitted from a bot program to someone, possibly a foreign agent with Russian ties. That person probably didn’t realize what they had at first until they went digging through his inbox and googled some names.


Wikileaks 10 year record

Russia loves them some propaganda no doubt.  Russia has been trying to hack our systems for quite a while now.  That is no secret.  All countries do it to each other now.  This is no big revelation.  For Russia to go through Wikileaks however simply does not fit their modus operandi.  Wikileaks has not had a single piece of information proven to be false in its 10 years. Russia wants to control and manipulate information.  Wikileaks doesn’t fit that model.  They might have the same information, but working together just does not compute.  Plus we have these closing thoughts from Assange which pretty much sums this article up:


Stay tuned to for part 2