President Obama Lies – Russia Hacking Us One of the Greatest Hoaxes Ever (part 2)


President Obama lies at his final press conference with a straight face, and the MSM goes right along.  That press conference has given the Russian hacking hoax an entirely different angle to report on. Remember from part 1 the evidence simply does not support that Russia had any involvement with the DNC or Podesta Wikileaks.  Comey’s testimony showed  no evidence that Clinton’s private email server was actually compromised. Did agents with Russian ties do some probing on US systems? Probably.  Cyber-activity is standard operating procedures for all 1st world nations with active intelligence agencies.


Russia Hacking Us, POTUS Keeps Quiet About It

Last week, while writing part 1,  POTUS gave his final press briefing. I noted he claimed he knew of Russia’s attempts to hack the DNC in early of summer of 2016.  President Obama thus allowed (sic) the fact of the attempted hack to leak out through the intelligence community. The White House refused to publicly make any statement or acknowledgement of the hack.  The leader of the free world refused to do this to allow the American public to make their own judgments as to the motivations of the Russians.  His silence didn’t really matter, according to his omnipotence, because the details all came out through Wikileaks anyway. He did however say, “You’ve been a very bad boy Putin” when the two met privately a couple of months later. Seriously, the bullshit he spewed in this press conference was Pravda worthy.

Remember however, this is also the same POTUS we learned from Wikileaks,  whose White House staff and Clinton Campaign  colluded with the DNC to defraud the Democratic Primary.

If you want to believe that line of steaming pile of crap then I have a bridge to sell you.  Yes, this POTUS really is that deceitful and capable of lying straight to our faces.

POTUS made it clear in his comments that the Russian hacking ceased after he slapped Putin’s hand.Donna Brazile disagrees with President Obama  Not to let a sleeping dog lie, DNC chair Donna Brazile now is contradicting President Obama’s comments.  According to Brazile, the Russians continued their hijinks every day leading up to the election.  Now, that is a show of party unity!  Between POTUS, Brazile and the “intelligence community” someone is clearly a lying mofo.



President Obama Lies, Why Not the CIA?

On Oct 7th, 2016 the leftists seized upon a Joseph Goebbels opportunity.  A joint statement was released from DHS and DNI here.  Democrats were off and running with the claim that 17 independent agencies had investigated and confirmed that the Russians were responsible for all the hacking.  The russians did it, Trump aligns with them and the case closed. Ironically on this same day the first batch of John Podesta’s emails were posted by Wikileaks.  Little did we know what was to come in that treasure trove.  Perhaps POTUS and Clinton did and this was a preemptive PR strike?  One must wonder given that the head figure of this letter of  “17 agencies” had conflicting testimony.

Here is the sponsoring agency James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence:

Also remember part Clinton’s defense and Comey’s statement for not recommending indictment for Clinton was that her server was not hacked:


Two heads of Federal agencies making definitive public statements that there is no evidence of Russia or anyone hacking a particular US systems that others claim.  Using the lying mofos filter, you just can’t reconcile how the Russians left obvious traces in the case of the DNC and not on the Clinton server.  Brett Baier did report right before the election that sources within the FBI found evidence of 5 foreign intelligence agencies hacking the server. It seems like that story fizzled out. That however only helps to disprove the Russian specific interference angle.  That leaves the CIA pretty much out there on its own, and for some reason not willing to make any public statements but saying a whole lot apparently.  What is the CIA up to? What are they covering up for POTUS?


Protecting Legacies

During the election the Russians were an easy villain for the leftist operatives to associate with Trump.  Thus they used them as a political device.  The democratic base bought into it hook, line and sinker.  This loss traumatized them so bad, a perpetrated hoax is now reality.   Scott Adams of Dilbert fame has a great article on this phenomenon.  Actually he has lots of great articles on persuasion and why people wind up having the reality they have. Highly recommended reading.  POTUS astutely saw this as an opening to help protect his legacy in the aftermath of this disastrous election.  Disastrous for his legacy because he legislated through executive orders. All of that can be just as easily undone with the pen.

Back to the topic at hand.  Some interesting characters emerged this past week involving protecting legacies and the CIA.  This one gets a bit convoluted (purposefully?), but will try to weed through it.

It starts with POTUS announcing a full investigation into the great Russian hacking hoax.  The only problem is this flies in the face of his official statement on November 25th, and still no produced evidence.  The CIA refused to appear at the last second of a scheduled Senate hearing on the matter.  Yes, the same CIA who seemed to be the ONLY source of Russian hacking.  An interesting twist now has GOP Senators McCain and Graham  joining in on the hoax.  In particular we have The distinguished gentleman from South Carolina using the same sort of rhetoric that Clinton was using during the election threatening to throw us into world war 3 with Russia.  I don’t think it is any coincidence that those two individuals are on the Russia bandwagon.


Going Down With the Ship

This Russian thing truly has become their reality.  Because they have legacies to protect. All three of them. Obama is going to make a last ditch effort to cement a legacy over something, anything.  He literally looked at the evidence after the fact on this one and decided to write the story post mortem.   He has the old guard in the CIA playing along.   McCain and Graham have seen the writing on the wall with the new administration and are trying to ride the coat tails on this one.  These two certainly have the history of playing along with this president.

Literally no evidence has been produced to date.  No hearings. No testimony.  Only some unnamed “sources” within the CIA from articles from the lying MSM.  In spite of this they are going to stick with this narrative for now. Let’s see if they are willing to go all the wayor will they abandon ship before it sinks.


Betting Odds

I am putting this at 50/50 that we actually go to full hearings on this.  While I do believe many are convinced Russia did all this hacking, right now it is being used as a device in last ditch efforts to make Trump’s presidency invalid.  Even as the Electoral College meets today to finalize the election.   Once inaugurated, the leftists will look for something new to attack the administration on.  They will start focusing on legislation and policies.   We shall see.