CPAC and Republicans Are Still Vaggies, Milo Resigns

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This article is not an essay in defense of Milo’s words in the now infamous video or to join the Milo resigns tickle pile.  It is about how the Milo incident clearly shows the “right” has not learned its lesson on why it has been losing to the left for so long. It clearly demonstrates why non-political types rose up and voted Trump as POTUS.  This is a one shot deal however.  Fuck this one chance up with Trump and kiss this country good bye. The left will win.


Mitigating Factor

Before Iany logical analysis I must diverge a bit because this is a touchy but very important subject that must be addressed and factored into this.  Child sexual abuse obviously is an evil act. If you have not been the child victim of sexual abuse or had to deal with it indirectly you truly have no clue how it can fuck one’s mind.  It is traumatic and can cause irreversible harm in some people. Everyone handles it differently. Some people handle it just fine and their lives carry one with little notice.  Male on male sexual abuse is in particularly different.  Male victims don’t realize they are victims or don’t experience the effects of the abuse well into their adulthood.  There are plenty of resources explaining why this is so, click here for just one.   The state of Georgia recently updated their civil code to extend statue of limitation for victims to sue their abusers largely based upon the most recent studies on adult male victims.

Having said that I’m not going to analyze what Milo said in the video other than take it at face value, just as everything I do with the left.  I just don’t care what he SAID, especially given what abuse he has admitted openly to surviving.   You shouldn’t be living in this country if you can’t handle what people said no matter how offensive. His actions are much more important.  This distinction exposes people on the right for their true values, morals and lack of critical thinking.  I would love to know how many of those on the right who applaud the take down of Milo in any way claim a Judaeo-Christian value system?  Before I move on, of all the responses I cam across it was this one I found most interesting. Tommy Sotomayor is the only one I’ve seen that at least gets it that Milo was abused and no one is focused on the fact it’s the boys being abused that we should be talking about.


Waging War

Milo being keynote at CPAC did shock me, and encouraged the right is learning. It looks like everything Andrew Breitbart told them at 2012 CPAC went in one ear and out the other.

The Trump pussy tape apparently taught them nothing too.  We are in a new war. We won the first battle. If you aren’t in it to win, pack your bags and go home.  Trump stood in there.  Yeah it looked bad for Trump from a PR standpoint, and some of the people on the right approving of Milo’s removal are the same people who called for Trump’s ousting so no surprise there.  History repeats itself however and I see consolidated people on the right now breaking ranks and joining the left and snatching defeat from jaws of victory over this Milo silliness.  You are a bunch of vaginas. The term “cuck” is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. You’re just a bunch of fucking pussies.


You Don’t Have To Disavow Anything

You don’t have to disavow or defend Milo’s words.  The latter he did just fine on his own.  What you are running from are your own insecurities.  If you are afraid the left is going to question your values and morals because you won’t render a God like judgment on Milo for comments he made in a certain situation knowing he is a victim of child abuse then yeah you probably should stay home and sit this fight out.  You lack the critical thinking skills to handle the left anyway.  Instead tell the left to FUCK OFF and clean their own shit up.  We are a little too busy fixing all the shit they have been breaking the pat 8 years.   Quit falling for their traps.


How To use Logic and Reason

Let’s ignore the deep state, Reagan Battalion, coordinated attack theories for a second.  Assume that the release was organic.  Milo forgot he said it, and CPAC got blindsided. What could have CPAC done to continue the fight from a logical standpoint?  Obviously exactly what they did do, and prove once again the right has the higher moral authority that gets us absolutely NOTHING.  They could have re-watched Andrew’s 2012 speech and grown a pair.  Milo got out in front with factual background information, produced historical record of his ACTIONS, and APOLOGIZED!  Name the last person on the left who did something like that?  CPAC should have said we have spoken with MILO, and he is sincerely regretful for his comments and has asked forgiveness for his mistake.  We believe in learning from our mistakes and giving second chances.  The left believes in giving second, third, and fourth chances many times to violent criminals. Milo’s only *crime* was reckless speech, and at least it wasn’t John Podesta artwork.  MIlo will still deliver his keynote speech on our common fight against the left and their battle to suppress free speech.  Then, don’t answer anymore damn questions about it.


Unity, Not Falling Apart When Milo Resigns

The right has a long way to go in understanding how to wage a war without breaking ranks like the left.  That doesn’t mean having values like the left. It means fighting a war like the left, but with the most common of ideals that binds a very diverse group of people at times.  We have to fight the lying  MSM, ANTIFA, the left controlled education system, and the political establishment at the same time.  Breaking ranks  over something so trivial (if you apply any amount of critical thought) is a losing strategy every time. It is the right/republican’s plague that got this country into the mess today.  Unity means we accept the left associates us with people we don’t like being associated with at times.  So what?  When the left does that, just tell them to FUCK OFF.  Don’t fall for the traps.  It’s about winning.  I can’t make the concept any easier than that. I don’t agree with stuff I hear on the right,  but they are not a existential threat to our country’s survival!


Milo was the first.  There will be more. Don’t break ranks when not needed. War is ugly.