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Lying mofos launches!

If you are bothering to watch any of the lying media or MSM (main stream media)  post election you are literally watching the modern day equivalent of the Three Mile Island  nuclear meltdown. I take that back. This is worse because Three Mile was only a partial meltdown.  In the process of getting this site launched, I keep updating this initial article to reflect their complete hysteria.

cnnCurrently the MSM, who currently holds a 6% favorability rating, is now pushing the narrative of “fake news” vs. “real news”.  Fake news won the election for Trump. CNN was caught blatantly lying numerous times during the 2016 election cycle in reports, in TV chyrons, and various other dubious behaviors. Brian Stelter has become their conspiracy theory poster boy. It is all of them however. They are unabashed liars. The MSM colludes with the left.  Wikileaks has proven that as fact now.  Leftist get their talking points from the MSM and vice versa.  When the MSM isn’t publishing false narratives, the leftist are in full attack mode.  They use their old game plan of accusing everyone who doesn’t agree with them as racist, homophobic, misogynistic, and sexist pigs.  Now that Trump has won they are doubling down on that strategy.



Problem Solving

I’m an engineer by training.  My brain was trained a long time ago to analyze everything as just another problem to be solved.  Emotions are not involved in my line of work.  Critical thinking is second nature to me.  It is a mindset through disciplined training, and does not come from some natural born talent.  I firmly believe a lot of our problems in this country are a direct result of not educating enough of the last two generations with these analytical skills. Instead we have stopped promoting competition and encouraged safe spaces.  We have discouraged vocational schools and encouraged gender studies.  We have lost skills in our population that made us great and able to solve problems.  Right before the election I had an unexpected job interview. They asked one of the age old interview questions, “tell me one of the hardest things you ever had to do?” I’ve been in Healthcare IT for 20 years as a vendor and customer and seen it all.  I have two pretty geeky problem solving stories from my product development days that have always stuck with me. One for its absurdity and the other as a reminder that nothing trumps a lifetime of experience when you lack concrete evidence. Both demonstrate that the answer is not always easily derived but it is usually logical once found.

I Hate Yippee Dogs


I had been the software development manager for a Telemedicine product in Home Healthcare. We took a hospital bedside patient monitor and slapped a modem in it. A person at home could take their vital signs and a nurse reviewed the data in nearly real time. A customer started reporting inconsistent weight data results for a CHF (congestive heart failure)  patient that concerned them. For a CHF patient a rapid weight change of a few pounds in a short amount of time, say 24 hours, is a big concern. Through phone conversations and other data she determined there was no clinical reason for the inconsistent readings. The nurse made a couple of home visits and watched the patient take their own weight on the  scale and got a normal reading as expected each time.  After a few weeks of this repeating pattern, us finding no obvious cause, the customer insisted it was a problem with our software.  I personally coded the algorithm to capture the weight reading, could find no flaw in logic, and remained baffled. Sometime later we get a call from this customer telling us we are not going to believe this, but they know what is happening with the CHF patient. The scale we used was a good bit larger in floor area than something you would buy at your local CVS.  During a visit a nurse observed the patient using the device.  At the very moment the patient stepped on the scale their tiny little yippee dog jumped on the scale with the patient. The scale captured a stable weight value with both of them on the platform and reported the combined weight!



Shocking Surprise

The second story likewise involved an unexplained, recurring and much more serious problem requiring repair of the hardware by the manufacturer.  Customers started reporting complete failures of the weight scale after working just fine for months.  A customer shipped a bad unit to us. We quickly determined the patient monitor (really an embedded WindowsCE device) contained the failure point.  After weeks of back and forth with the engineers at the scale manufacturer and the manufacturer we were at wit’s end with  no solution. I had done everything I could think of with every tool available to reproduce or empirically point to the root cause. Early on my boss tossed out an idea that got buried quickly by our outside colleagues. I pushed him to resurrect the idea.  He had previous experience with handheld embedded devices in the early 90’s that started having a rash of problems with static discharge when the user touched them.  All of these incidents occurred in the Northeast during the winter time. Cold dry air! Looking at the demographics, guess where our device failures were occurring ? We were convinced this still was a static discharge issue related to using the scale.  After convincing the manufacturer to pursue this path they setup a patient monitor with a scale attached and zapped the scale with a static discharge gun and voila, they could no longer capture a weight reading. They took at look at their circuit schematics and realized they were missing a resistor in case there was an electrical surge coming through that serial port!



Unfounded Accusations

Emotional reaction to an accusation is just instinctive for most people. We don’t even think about it; it just happens.  The customer blamed my software. That accusation hurt my ego a bit. In my business real people with real sickness are affected.  Egos and feelings need to be left at the door though to get the job done and collect your paycheck.  The issue now becomes a process of reconciling two conflicting realities.   Call it troubleshooting, problem solving, or root cause analysis. Whatever it is it does not involve emotion or prejudice of data. Emotions lead to outcome bias. Expect the craziest stuff like the little yipee dog to explain a new reality.  Also, if you have done an exhaustive non-emotional analysis don’t be afraid to trust your experience.  It is reality as long as it has sound logic, backed up by some fact, history or empirical data. Otherwise it is just opinion. Nothing wrong with opinion at all as long as you differentiate it from a reality.  Screaming Steve Bannon is a racist incessantly is an opinion when in reality there is no actual behavioral proof when you do the analysis.


That is what I hope to do with this site.  I hope to present topics and issues with a filter devoid of emotion and instead filled with a process of pure logic based on fact, empirical evidence, sound reasoning and logical conclusions.   Disclaimer, you may not always get the logical conclusion you were expecting though, and some occasional opinion thrown in. I want to expose all of the lying mofos out there.  Many like the MSM are lying on purpose.  Many have simply been brainwashed and think it is reality.  Either way it is still all a lie.