Fake Muslim Hate Crimes Promoted by Local Media

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The media loves to cover hate crimes. YouTube has countless videos of Trump supporters (not just white ones)  being assaulted before the election. All of which are evidence for hate crimes. Media barely covered those incidents if at all.  Post election they have taken every opportunity to cover any claim of a hate crime against one the left’s identity groups. In this case one of their favorites are the fake Muslim hate crimes.

Initially many of the stories passed around on Twitter or Facebook had the same narrative and were easy to ignore as internet lore.  However, media all over the country started to cover actual claims of attacks in various forms. I started to ask two questions when I saw these headlines.  Did the victim(s) file a report with the police?  If not, why not?  So far almost all of the ones reported to police proved to be false.


Bigotry and racism is intolerable

I have seen only a few incidents that turned out to be true hate crimes.  The perpetrator is always caught from my memory.  Good, I hope all of them caught are punished to the full extent of the law.  These crimes are abhorrent just like when committed against  Trump supporters before the election.  I would not tolerate it.  I would intervene in such an attack and I would certainly report it.  To promote fake Muslim hate crimes only diminishes the legitimacy of the actual hate crimes that occur.


St. Louis Family Ignores Police Instructions

A Muslim family in St. Louis started having a problem with a neighbor after the election.  Thanks to @DeplorableSunny who put me on to this story.  The local news initially writes what appears to be a good journalistic article. The police are called out four times (not clear by who). A video of a particular incident shows the neighbor confronting the male Muslim father.  I have no reason to believe the woman’s story is not true that she had no problems before the election.  Lets now play this out with the lying mofos filter of logic and facts.

The last sentence of the article is the kicker. “No charges have been filed, but officers advised the family to file an order of protection.” Say what? I’ll give it one more benefit of the doubt and hold off on the fake Muslim hate crimes conclusion.

KMOV promotes fake muslim hate crimes

Credit: Kelly Davis, KMOV

The police advised them of a reasonable and actionable solution to the problem.  If the claims were true the Judge would give the order of protection, and the neighbor could then be held accountable for any further behavior not witnessed by the police.  The hate crime stuff is hard to prove with out clear evidence.



The Lying Media

So what does the family do? They hold a press conference with @KMOV!  Kelly Davis pointed out that KMOV would be holding the press conference.  I can’t find any video of the actual press conference on KMOV.  I can’t find any follow up article either.  Why didn’t the family file for the protection order? That is a very important question to be answered. Otherwise, a crime or an attack just has not occurred here. A neighbor spat maybe, but something to add to the left’s hate crime statistics did not. Did the media actually lie about this story?  Not exactly, but have they told the truth? Absolutely not, and that is what this site is about.  This story has now gone into never never land just like many of these fake Muslim hate crimes.  Such as the following one from Atlanta.


 Student crafts impressive fake Muslim hate crimes note

I tracked this one right after the election while I was getting this site ready.   The Altanta Journal Constitution reported a practicing Muslim high school teacher in Gwinett County, Georiga threatened in a note left behind in her classroom.  The AJC first reported this one right after the election.  Of course I looked for the part in the article where the police are called to investigate such a serious threat.  Mysteriously I can’t find any police involvement in the initial article.  Reading the full article my spidey senses went off. Then, I took a closer look at the note itself.  Someone  was very deliberate in crafting it.  This wasn’t some student scribbling this down between classes.


Credit: Mairah Teli

The individual letters such as “y” and “d” are each written very differently.  This note took some time to create and obviously the author wanted it disguised.

Let’s file that police report

Reading the article, I am looking for a quote from a police spokesman on their response.  Surely the administration called the authorities  to investigate such a serious threat occurring on their campus.   They have the forensic expertise to get to the bottom of this.  Ms. Teli would certainly feel safer knowing the Gwinett County Police Department was actively seeking to find the person threatening her civil liberties.  Once again we see, as in other fake Muslim hate crimes, the victim avoid the responsible action. From the article, “Teli shared her experience with friends and family on Facebook to raise awareness of what she fears could be part of America’s new era.”

AJC promotes lies

This one just gets better. The AJC followed up the initial article a few days later.  The AJC talked to the Principal who gave an interesting quote. Dacula High School Principal Bryan Long said, “We want you to know that we take any threat against a teacher seriously and are doing all we can to find the student involved and hold them accountable.”  Two interesting things about this quote.  First, no you have not done everything you can do to find the person involved.  You have not involved the police.  Secondly, how do you know it was a student?  How were you able to determine that? Lots of unanswered questions yet again.

People are on to me

I also noticed that the AJC had turned the comments section off on the first two articles.  I harassed them a tiny bit about that when plenty of other similar articles had them turned on. A third and final article published after the weekend. No direct quotes from anyone, but the AJC did say Ms. Teli updated her Facebook status after people finally caught on to the hoax.  “I am not sure that there is anything further that I can say or do to prove to you that this occurred,” Teli wrote. “I shared this incident on my Facebook page with family and friends to raise awareness regarding the social climate of our community. As an educator, I firmly believe in community service and strengthening our communities, which can only be done by acknowledging the problems that we face and then standing together to confront them.”

Still no concern for actually finding the perpetrator and holding them accountable which would actually deter others from doing the same. That is confronting the problem. The media concerns itself not why the police don’t investigate. Perhaps all the media is concerned with is click bait?  This is real fake news.  This is the lying media.