Berkeley Protest That Was Not. Enough With the Dishonesty; It Was a Riot Caused By Anarchists.


Enough is enough.  Soros and his minions accelerated past the peaceful protesting stage long before the election.  Now the ANTIFA, who ironically are the actual facists, are showing up at all gatherings creating riots and anarchy.  These events should be reported and NAMED as such.  Last night’s Berkeley Protest should be the tipping point but we are talking the about the left.  They couldn’t logically think their way out of a paper bag.  Berkeley, the historical defender of the 1st amendment through protests, riots over someone excising their right to free speech.   Lets look at the video evidence of what happened in the Berkeley protest, and then look at the news headlines this morning.

A Man knocked unconcious in middle of street at Berkeley Protest

That is just three quick videos of individual attacks.  Hopefully the anarchists are brought to justice for those crimes.  There are plenty of videos showing the overall riots, violence and property destruction that occurred.  Now lets see what are some of the headlines from our favorite lying MOFOS this morning:

berkeley protest lying headlines












Lets Call a Spade a Spade From Now On

I could do this retroactively for every “protest” since Trump announced his campaign basically.  The evidence readily available baffles the logical mind because it is so one sided.  It is clear that we are seeing the first stages of an actual civil war.  This isn’t a war about Trump either.  This is a war about American values, our constitution and civil order.  This is a war about things that liberals themselves used to defend.  The left and the lying MSM are a cancer.   Trump is their outlet, but their hate is for America.  This latest NY Times Gem demonstrates it clearly.

Berkeley Protest Will Embolden More ANTIFA

If the historical academic defender of free speech is now shutting it down then hold on tight.  The cops did nothing to stop this last night. The ANTIFA marched unabated through the streets.  The silver lining is that Milo actually got more pleasure out of this than he probably would have giving the actual speech, and Trump just won a lot more votes for 2020.