Alt Right


The left always needs a villian

With the MSM and leftist doubling down on their losing strategy of identity politics there is a plethora of content to write.  Inevitably I will get associated with the “Alt Right” by someone if this site ever gains traction so I’ll just go ahead and head them off at the pass.

Prior to 2016 I had never even heard of the term. Even after I heard the term I didn’t even bother to investigate what it was probably until late summer.  It was after an article or video of Milo Yiannopoulos that I became familiar with this “controversy”.  MSM’s reality was that Milo was the de facto leader of the alt right which was a “White Nationalist” hate group. Especially since they love to use his article headlines from Breitbart when talking about the Alt Right.

The SPLC defines the alt right as a white nationalist hate group embraced by the Trump administration because Steve Bannon was recently appointed as Trump’s Chief  Senior Advisor.  Bannon is a documented Jew hater in their reality too.  Oh yeah Bannon was the chief exectuve at Breitbart, Milo’s boss, so of course it all makes sense.  Milo got kicked off of Twitter during the election for the racists (sic) attacks on Leslie Jones of SNL (MSM reality), and Mike Cernovich picked up the slack for him to lead the charge of the alt right and white nationalism.  Those are the very plausible and rational realities if you just listen to the MSM’s drive by soundbites.  More to come on those two guys.

The story of Pepe

The Truth About Pepe

It literally culminated with the Democratic candidate for POTUS, the great Clinton machine, giving and entire speech on the Alt Right! Not only did she give the speech; a cartoon frog named Pepe trolled her during the speech.  You have got to be kidding me, this can’t really be friggin reality. I was seeing it all with my own two eyes however. I soon learned this group played by a different set of rules.  Just like Trump was playing a completely new and different game during the election, the Alt Right plays a completely new and different game than those that attack them.



The more you attack them the more they own what you accuse them of and simply mock you.

How Pepe the Frog Became A Nazi

Alt Right conspiracy enthusiasts congregate at 4chan and Reddit. Reddit especially launches many of the attacks against the left from r/the_donald.  Hashtag attacks, many led by @Cernovich on Twitter, became a powerful weapon during the election.  He used a lot of the same M.O. though, take what the left throws at you, turn it on them and multiply the force times a thousand. Sort of like counter punching.  Now which candidate from the beginning also said he was a counter puncher?




Here’s How Two Twitter Pranksters Convinced The World That Pepe The Frog Meme Is Just A Front For White Nationalism

Fighting back infuriated the left causing them to double down on all of their accusations that lost them the election.  Apparently they didn’t try hard enough.  Everyone now is a card carrying member of the KKK. I predict I will become one if this site ever takes off. I hope it happens because it will be fun revealing the truth of my past.  Sure there are legit fringe racist groups roaming among the right.  No different than fringe groups roaming among the left like New Black Panthers, Nuwabian sects and yes BLM anarchists. In a free country both are allowed to exist unfortunately. Get used to it and get over it.  I feel pretty comfortable that neither liberals nor the right would allow either fringe to ever become remotely close to mainstream. Notice I said liberals there and not left. Leftist already hijacked liberalism and became mainstream.


Modern Leaders

So back to Milo, the leader of the the racist, homophobic, misogynistic, sexist Alt Right.  One problem with their logic on that one. He’s a British Fag (sic) who also happens to be Jewish that prefers men of dark color.



And @Cernovich? Mike, the Jew, married a Persian.



Richard Spencer

I’ll briefly speak about him.  The left likes to use him as their proof of the racist alt right.  I’m not going to dignify that ridiculousness with any discussion other than to point out hypocrisy.  I will say that 50 reporters showed to cover his “convention” of about 200 followers.  How many reporters ever show up to cover the thousands who attend a Louis Farrakhan meeting?